A lifestyle that states laid-back, but in charge. Easy, efficient, enjoyable.

You desire beautiful, yet cozy minimalism because it brings out the best in you.

Whether you’re buying, selling, remodeling or just sprucing up…it’s an exciting time to clean out and create a home environment that’s efficient and genuinely enjoyable.

Because, YOU have a life to live.

Warning: “The Streamlined Lifestyle” is luxuriously addicting. 


Are You Selling Your Home? Streamlining Your Closets Will Increase the Storage Value Your Potential Buyer Has on the MUST HAVE Checklist

You already know the perfect hiding place for excess crapola is the closet, because it’s the BEST place to get “clutter” out of your sight. You’re not alone using this hiding trick to instantly make yourself feel better (especially if company is coming over!). But, now the game has changed…Your House Is Going On the Market! You have to showcase your home in a way that allows the buyer to feel connected, delighted, and envisioning themselves living there. And YOU CAN make the best of every square inch by immediately decluttering. Starting in the closets!

Streamlining your closets will instantly create more spacious beauty that a potential buyer is craving. You can probably imagine that keeping ALL your closets cleaned out and streamlined helps you keep the rest of your home looking & feeling fantastic  – on your busiest OR your laziest days. 😉 Even if you aren’t moving, it’s extremely beneficial to your own life. The results will be great for YOU while your home is on the market, because you’ll enjoy the benefits, plus you won’t incur extra moving costs of packing, transporting, or unloading excess stuff into your new home.

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Have You Been Working On Streamlining Your Home Office?

Things happen…and another thing happens…and before you know it…”what the heck happened???”  Life is happening. More important things needed your attention.

Between decisions to make, things to do and places to be, your important things quickly mixed in with unimportant things.

Although you’ve been tackling this source of frustration, there’s still a lot to do. The stacks and stashes have caused some major frustration when you couldn’t find or accomplish things quickly – not only is it ZAPPING your time, it’s zapping your energy and zapping your patience. Transform your office so you can relax, think clearly and be highly productive!

Besides the immediate relief & calm you’re sure to notice immediately, you’ll also begin to notice you’re able to confidently accomplish tasks 50%+ faster — including being prepared for tax season!  Get moving again for free here:

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Streamlining Your Routines 

When you have several different aspects of life you’re juggling, it’s easy to slip into being all over the place trying to get things done – not always accomplishing what you wanted and if you do, it took you ALL DAY (or all week, month?, YEAR!?!). Once you’ve purged the unnecessary items causing you more work and longer time completing something (dysfunctional) in your space, then create orderly systems that allow a smoother work flow.  Clients rave at how much relief they receive, time they free up, and routines they can stick to…JUST FROM LETTING GO OF EXCESS STUFF. Definitely have several purging parties before setting up routines.

Next you’ll begin practicing daily routines that work with your personality and time demands.  The simplest of routines can keep you prepared to manage your daily life, and allow you to more confidently incorporate other activities you’ve been wanting to do.

The end game goal: You gain more freedom and flexibility to live life how you want.

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