“Am I a hoarder?”

It’s a question that people ask themselves and wonder about.

So, are you a hoarder? Let’s find out!

You may be a hoarder if…

You keep things out of fear, not because you love it.

You keep things because it may be a collector’s item or may be of high value, but you never research it or cash in on it. (The person who inherits it can do that… it’s your inheritance to them.)

You don’t have the space to keep these items, but you’ll pack it in or stack it up or make it fit, even if it means you won’t have the room of your dreams – you know, that beautiful, spacious, easy to clean, relaxing to just be in, kind of room you want.

You keep things for other people because they may need it one day. You project failure for them, don’t believe they’ll make it on their own. And you get prideful and excited when you are right, and they need your help. “See, I told you so.” It’s a gallant cause, however, if the stuff you’re hoarding is preventing you from living with ease in your home, it’s a disservice to you and them.

You have so much stuff, it’s causing you to be unhealthy – anxiety, exhaustion, stress, embarassment, cleanliness – dust/mold/allergens/insects.

You have so much stuff you can’t open doors, can’t walk freely thru your rooms without twisting your body, you may be bumping and bruising yourself, tripping, squeezing into a bed, or can’t invite others to visit or sleep over (in comfort).

It is impossible to have both a spacious, easy and fully functional home AND keep all the stuff. You can’t have it both ways…unless you move into a larger home.

Your choices become, letting go of more, more, more, until items are pared down to where you still have EVERYTHING you need AND it fits in the storage spaces you have in your home.

There are solutions for you to keep a lot of your items, without them interfering in your family get togethers, or causing your home to look more like a storage unit than a well loved home.

My inspirational challenge to you is to pick ONE room, and transform it. Here’s how to do it:

In order for you to get a taste of what life can be like when this one room is transformed, you must empty the room of all the little stuff – but you don’t have to toss a single thing, just pack it up or move it out – then bring back one piece of furniture at a time, hang curtains, artwork.

You are not allowed to add a piece of furniture if you do not have at least 3 feet of walking space to get thru the room, or from one piece of furniture to the next. 

Don’t try to pack anything else into the room. NOTHING extra. You’ve gotta trust me on this.

No little things at all cluttering up or taking away from the serenity of the space, okay?  No extra cabinets or shelving systems, or chests, or whatever random thing you can find to store more stuff. 

Only have the basic pieces of furniture in the room!

Live with your transformed room for 2 weeks.

You’re gonna LOVE it.