January is “Get Organized” month. That means it’s time to declutter and streamline your home for a great year!

But, I do it ALL year long.

If you’re in the decluttering mode and thinking you could be a minimalist, and wondering what the difference is between being streamlined and being a minimalist, then the following differences can help you decide which you truly want to be.

A minimalist keeps the basics of items needed to live. A streamlined person keeps the basics of items needed to live, plus items they don’t necessarily need, but enjoy using or seeing in the space.

A minimalist can pack up their belongings and it will fit in their vehicle. A minimalist can go where the wind blows them in a moment’s notice. They may or may not have furniture to haul, and if they do, they could hook up a trailer or rent a moving van and be gone in one quick trip!

A streamlined person lives comfortably within the space boundaries of their homes.

Getting streamlined = purging + smart spatial arrangement of belongings to create a highly functionable area that is intuitive for your body movement and logical for your thinking style.

A streamlined person does not tolerate a bunch of extra busy work that lots of belongings require, and instead is very efficient when tackling tasks – at home or work. They are somewhat of a minimalist, but their goal is not to be a minimalist and instead to focus on a nice, calm, productive, spacious environment that is easy to keep up and easy to enjoy – they value their time, energy, health, and wealth.

A minimalist and streamlined person are closely related in many aspects, however a streamlined person is also closely related to a cluttery-person who can have a hard time making decisions on what stays or goes because they have a bit more attachment to things.

Which are you? A minimalist or a streamlined person? I’m on the streamlined side of things! 

You don’t have to be a minimalist. You can go from “too much stuff in here” to a streamlined person! It’s very rewarding, and your space can be beautifully spacious and cozy at the same time.

If you want to be a minimalist, then it starts with being streamlined.