Streamlining saves you time, space and energy, which equals a lighter-spirited, more productive, better you! 

Complete each part of the quiz, and score yourself following the instructions given – you’ll end up with a 6 points or less for each 6 sections.

At the end of the quiz, tally your points and find your score to learn if you are a streamlining master, fluctuate between “ahhh and ugh!”, or need some streamlining guidance so you can get there, too. No matter how you score, I’ll reveal streamlining assignments that you can accomplish to improve your mastery quickly!

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Section 1 of 6: Score yourself. ______

If you have ANY doors that do not open or close freely, then deduct a point for each door (up to 6!)

Section 2 of 6: Score yourself. ______

Clear plenty of space to work on your paperwork! You’ll need to go to your desk, table, counter or workspace and pretend you’re about to get busy taking care of paperwork. Here’s how you score yourself: For every unrelated pile of papers that you have to stack/combine to make space or create a clear surface to work, add 1 point (up to 6 points!) 

Section 3 of 6: Score yourself. ______

Set a timer on your phone for 12 minutes and select one room to tidy.  Start the timer and stop it when you are done. For every 2 minutes it takes you to put things away properly, score yourself 1 point. If it takes more than 12 minutes, then automatically give yourself 6 points.

Section 4 of 6: Score yourself. ______

Head to the dryer and fold a load of laundry. Or use the laundry you may already folded! For this exercise, put the laundry away, and for every moment you “huff” or “ugh” give yourself a point. A painful moment could be when your other clothing or linen spots are too snug, cramped, or full to fit more. You may be out of hangers. Or the wrong items are placed where the current items you’re putting away should belong. You can get up to 6 points!

Section 5 of 6: Score yourself. ______

Now it’s time to go to your office or paperwork space (AGAIN). Find a pile of papers that needs to be processed – take the top 12 mail/paper.  Process the papers into your systems: for example “to-do”; pay bills/utilities; file (actually file these papers!); biz financial expenses; etc. You may have your own labels and specific spots to keep paperwork and notes organized, so use your system for this exercise. Every piece of paper (psst…if there are 3 pages to a credit card statement – or whatever-, then that counts as 1 paper… okay?)  For every 2 minutes it takes you to process  the paperwork, you get a point. So, if it takes you 3 minutes to get them all put away to their next spot, then you get 1.5 points. Remember, grab 12 pieces of paper and start your timer.

Section 6 of 6: Score yourself.  ______

Last, but not least, let’s head over to your email. For the first 6 emails in your inbox, if it’s not important to you (for example: junk mail, or you don’t take the time to open it, or a notification is irritating) then give yourself 1 point for every email of the first 6 that is in your way. 

Your Score & Streamlining Assignments:

Scored 0-12? Why are you even here???  You’re living the dream life! It’s time to focus on something really fun for you, like a hobby, business, taking a class or promoting a charity. Or, why not have a weekend retreat…at your place! However, if you have one area you scored highest in, then focus on cleaning it out – and if there are other areas in the home that aren’t listed here, and you aren’t genuinely happy with it because it is cramped, ugly, or non-functioning, then you know exactly what to do to get them streamlined like the rest of your life. You’re already a success.

Your streamlining assignment is: 

  1. Go to the scariest area of your home or office and find 6 of the largest items you can purge today. And bonus points if you also do the assignments from each level of scoring! I KNOW you can do it.

Scored 13-24? You fluctuate between staying well-organized and you have to get really frustrated before making decisions on what should go. But, you have SO much potential for being a streamlining master with much success!

Your streamlining assignments are:

  1. Tackle the emails first – unsubscribe from 6 email lists (or notifications from social media sites).
  2. Go to the scariest area of your home and remove 6 of the largest items you can let go of today.
  3. In your kitchen, donate 6 items (tip: you’ll find these items in the far back spots of drawers, corners or shelves), and…
  4. …in your linen/clothing closets, pick out 6 items that are in good condition that you can give to a charity or friend who will really appreciate and enjoy the life left in the items you still love too. (tip: it can be clothing items that no longer fit, but you’re hanging on to them in goodwill of getting back into them. Bonus points for donating at least 2 of your favorite items that you actually love and use!)

Scored 25-36? You’re not there yet, but you’re going to get there!

  • Either it’s been a while since you’ve done a major purging
  • or maybe you’ve had a lot happening in your life all at once and have been in “get thru it” stress mode (and it’s being reflected in your home)
  • or perhaps your home is smaller than you have the space to store items loosely. Time to move or downsize. Either way works! Unless you truly need to purge.
  • OR maybe…it’s not all JUST your stuff. Other people collect things!

Your streamlining assignments are:

  1. Practicing detachment: find 6 items that you’ve been hanging onto, but really, you don’t need them, love them (except for the fact that there’s a story attached to why you are keeping them), or if you’re being honest with yourself – you don’t even want them.
  2. Find 6 ugly items. Really ugly items. When you take away the ugly, you reveal the beauty.
  3. Do every assignment listed under the previous score. You’ve got this!

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