Your home has so much influence over how you interact with life. Love it and take care of it, and it will reciprocate to love and take care of you.

I get that your home environment is really important to you – it’s part of your identity! You want it to be a beautiful, functional place you love being in – whether you’re in professional mode, working from home, getting out and about around town, exercising, entertaining guests or just laxing around in your comfy leisure wear…

That’s why you invest in freshening-up your home by painting, updating worn out things, remodeling projects, decorating, or redesigning spaces.

But, you’ve got a problem. You have an excess of stuff to organize properly. For some reason, it’s not working out or getting done with the results you want.

You work on it when you can and do really well with making progress, but you have to stop to focus on other priorities, or you get tired and stuck, and sometimes it gets so overwhelming when you don’t know exactly how to arrange items for ease-of-use.

When it gets chaotic, you literally can’t find something right in front of you, or think clearly or function properly (personally, I start functioning like I’m ADD when that happens to me). You can’t tolerate feeling that way. It literally hurts.

I’m feeling your pain. It’s happened to me.

And, you don’t like it one bit. It’s not the lifestyle you want. It’s so not you and deep down you know it.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that excess items in our spaces has a direct effect on our nervous systems – hurts our bodies (ever have anxiety, tension, exhaustion?), frazzles our minds (ever feel overwhelmed or ADD and can’t find what’s right in front of you?), and affects our hormones (ever feel anxious or stressed?).

And, if you are experiencing any discomfort – even it’s only embarassment — then let’s fix it.

Personally, I don’t have the time, energy or patience to walk into a room or open a cabinet door and find excess crapola (even the neat excess!) smashing my good spirits or hijacking what I want to accomplish in a day. I TOTALLY lose my cool when “too much stuff” or “messy chaos” sends my senses into an overstimulated, overwhelmed frenzy. Perhaps I have high sensory issues. Or perhaps I just like an easier, aesthetically pleasing lifestyle. And, my business is important to me. I like being personable, classy, professional and really there for my clients.

That’s why there’s one main rule in my home: If something isn’t super-easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to enjoy and accomplish, then there’s too much stuff, so PURGE it. I love having a #PurgingParty. 

In my career, I’ve been called a lot of things…”You’re Japanesy!” (I wish!), a “Spatial Expert” , a “Professional Organizer” or the “Get It Done!” Motivator.

But really, I’m just a Streamlining Enthusiast.

I’m very, very thorough about removing excess. However, I’m not a die hard minimalist. Okay, I probably could be, but I’m not.

My philosophy is this: no matter what size your home, you can streamline your items down until they fit beautifully in each designated area AND no matter how much you let go of – even if you have TONS of empty storage space – you will still have absolutely EVERY thing you need to love your home and embrace a wonderful life right now. 


I’m extremely high-functioning and good-spirited when my environment is pleasant, orderly and sane. You probably enjoy living that way too – or have the notion that you want to try it out.

Did you know that a streamlined lifestyle is great for your mental health? physical health? spiritual health? financial health?

AND…did you know that your beauty improves, too?

and your posture!?!

Maybe I’m hallucinating, but the ladies I’ve worked with simply glow when we’ve hit results that trigger those omg, I LOVE IT smiles. There’s this genuine pride in what they’ve accomplished. Emotions transcend and transform the body and face. Tension releases.  Motivation for “more life” excites. It’s remarkable!

That’s how powerful your environment is. The results are to die for.

Whether you need to fit back into your closet, your file cabinet, or your size 8 jeans, its up to you to make it happen. Get the support, guidance and motivation, if that makes it faster, easier, and more fun for you. The internet is loaded with information to help you. There are television series devoted to helping you. And, there are magazines devoted to interior design, decorating and organization.

Purge until you are so stinkin’ pleased with your results that your entire outlook on life and your demeanor changes.

You were designed to enjoy working, playing or relaxing from ANY room in the house. With so-MUCH-more ease. Welcome! You’re definitely in the right place. You are not designed to live with “frustrating-excess-stuff.” It’s holding you back from what you want to accomplish and experience in life. I have Streamlining Strategies you can implement immediately to get the results you want.

I never realized that in a couple of (Skype) sessions with Melody, I could have my office completely organized and functional for me!  I accomplished more in several hours than I ever did in months trying to tackle things on my own. Anyone who works with Melody, listens to her ideas, and implements them, will have much better peace of mind in their life. She’s not only amazing at what she does, but a wonderful, kind, caring person.

Cassie Winterhalter

Owner, Winterhalter Music, Maryland


Hi, I’m Melody Granger.

(Looking for an official bio? Scroll to the bottom of this page.)

Childhood: As a child I was always, always, always cleaning. There were 6 kids in the house. The dirty clothes piles were gigantic. Finding stuff was impossible. I would lock everyone out of the house just so I could sweep everything into a big pile, pull out the good stuff and toss the rest. Oh, sweet relief to have a clean floor, clear surfaces and folded clothes. I could think clearly, and everyone was so much nicer to each other.

By junior high age, I was obsessed with drawing my dream home “house plans”. Only back then, I didn’t design the perfect size storage spaces into them. 🙂 Now, I have the perfect home drawn up. I just need an architect, an interior designer, and I’ll do the storage systems.

Young Adulthood: You can probably imagine that once I had my own living space that it was pretty darn clean, streamlined and orderly most of the time. But, between work, getting married, having children and just the activities and phases of life…including stressful moments, fatigue, and trying to “do it all”, I had my moments of wanting to scream.

Creativity: I’d construct containers out of cardboard and tape, if I couldn’t find/purchase the container I had in mind. I’ve constructed a home out of cardboard, too! And I love designing house plans and closet plans. Painting furniture or walls or baseborads is more rewarding than fun!

Careers: Fine Dining Establishment (Bookkeeping/PayRoll/Cashier/Bartending); Managed Assets of Large Bank Corporation; Medical Clinic (Cross-trained to run business – from scheduling appointments, medical records, daily/monthly bookkeeping, ordering supplies, patient workup/pre-exam testing, etc.); Home Decorating Retail Manager (be still my heart! On the biz side – reports, checklists, money counting, visual merchandising, staging, scheduling and so many systems to keep the place in tip-top “sales increase” shape)

Strengths: Visual-spatial skills and intuitive skills to arrange things. Approachable and likable personality. Endurance. Basic accounting. Netflix binging, as needed.

Weaknesses? Yep, I’ve got one! Cooking. You better eat out. And, I can’t stand when someone drips something on the floor and doesn’t clean it up! REALLY? It doesn’t bother them. I made a rap-song about the drips!!!

(Want to see what my cooking looks like? Follow me on Instagram.)

My loves? Sleeping until I wake naturally. Being kissed by the sun! Power washing anything. Melt in my mouth delicious fine meals dining. Dirt therapy (digging in the dirt, planting flowers, doing the lawn) Pristine clean home. Being with my girls (2 young adults and one little surprise angel faced baby.) Aimlessly driving around town in beautiful old neighborhoods or on the open road with the windows down. Ahhhhh….it’s a good, good day.

The beginning of my entrepreneurial journey: I was the person that friends and family called when they needed serious help to clean the house. I was completely comfortable in a mess. And completely confident I could transform it. It’s part of how I decided what I’d do for my own business. They still call me every few years!

I didn’t just clean for them… I emptied cabinets, closets, and gathered papers.

The kicker is that I had NO IDEA that I had honed “organizing” skills. I literally had to look up the word “organizing” in the dictionary to understand what it truly meant. And boy, did I connect the dots of how it affects our lives.

I just knew I’d rather enjoy a pristine clean home – you know, where the cleanliness actually makes small messes cute, cozy and endearing – showing beautiful signs of life in the home. And, be able to confidently run my business, with as much ease as possible!

So from a very young age, I intuitively knew that a clean, tidy home was a happier, healthier home. Add a business to the life mix, and words like organization, systems and productivity take on a whole new meaning.

Running a home and business has often been a juggling act, and a demanding journey. To say the least. My home is my number 1 priority. It impacts everything that I am – personally and professionally. When I’m feeling pressure, I purge first, because I know that my ability to adapt and succeed is based on how I handle daily decisions and life. I call it my “You first” method to get thru anything – fun or distressful.

During my 10+ years as a professional organizer: I have observed that it doesn’t matter what size house you have, how much money you have access to, or what your age is… we all have similar things behind our cabinet doors, in our closets, stashed under the bed, stored out of sight, or pushed out of the way.

Memorable Client Moments

She couldn’t “see” the closet design.

I remember designing a closet system for a lady’s new home and drawing out the details on paper for her, but it wasn’t translating enough to “show her” what the closet system would look like. So, I grabbed a piece of paper and literally cut out each shelf (including different depths) the drawers, the rods and taped it all together, so she’d have a 3-D visual of what the closet would look like. The paper design wasn’t beautiful, but our mind’s eyes met (and danced!)

The final results were such a hit, that her friends wanted their closets custom designed, too.

A lady went crazy tossing things.

She didn’t start off that way, but once she started feeling the sweet relief and freedom from letting go it sparked her spirits to tackle more.

This lady went on to do things she swears she would have never done if she hadn’t purged so deeply – like traveling and exploring in other cities, yoga, and revisiting creative ideas she had put on the back burner.

I get to hear stories like hers on a regular basis. But the most rewarding moment is when we complete an area and they can’t stop looking at it – walking past it just to look… one more time! Yes, it’s your space and it’s a work of streamlining beauty.

Honestly, a lot of my clients end up tossing so much that it scares the crap out of me!!! Okay, so most of my clients end up becoming addicting to tossing. You will too if you stick around. 😉 It’s addicting once you’ve experienced that lifestyle.

I used to not share this part of the “after” story with others, because I didn’t want them to think they had to get rid of everything to have exquisite life stories to follow. One lady received an offer to turn her book into a movie (that’s motivation!). Another hired a team of people in her business. And, yet another lady, went on to start a business, meet her future husband and have a baby.

For some clients, years of items have accumulated. It can be freeing to let go of items you don’t have an interest in anymore. For example, one of my clients threw lavish holiday parties for her Cardiologist husband’s colleagues and their friends FOR YEARS, but she’s not interested in entertaining anymore. They are preparing for retirement – remodeling half of their home one last time. Her vision for the future is very simple – little to none holiday decorating each year, traveling to their vacation homes, visiting her son and grandbaby as much as possible. Guess what that means? She let go of hundreds of entertaining pieces and giant storage boxes of holiday decor. During the remodel phase she tossed, placed items on the road, and donated 7 chock-full SUV hauls of belongings. What a relief and change of life. It’s exciting!

For women in general, just the daily living and accumulation of things that need to be sorted, purged, and organized catch up to them.

Most clients are in the midst of some type of home improvement project like, remodeling, updating, preparing office for a growing biz or had relocated within a couple of years and never fully unpacked properly – that means emptying spaces to do the work caused challenges! They were working so hard on their own, became overwhelmed, tired, stuck, just didn’t know where to start, or felt like they were going in circles to figure everything out…which led to frustration or anxiety.

But, sometimes the organizing process was simply taking too long and it was time to get help to just get it done. Others simply enjoy having someone to work with, because it’s so much faster and fun! 

Be prepared to have some laughs – and we’ll get all choked up together when you’re done.

I mean, who else is going to tell you… we all have some areas that need more organization than others – like your panties don’t have to all be precisely folded, but your paperwork may need a bit more detailed organization.

You know what I mean???

And, if you own a business, and it’s part of your livelihood, then you’re in great company.

No business? That’s okay! Not all my clients have a business. Many are women entering later phases of life – empty nesters; or retirement is coming! I learn SO MUCH from them.

I enjoy working with good-spirited ladies who simply want help.

The Laws I’d Declare for YOU Once We’re Done With Your Streamlining Sessions

If we work together, once you are smiling from ear to ear from the results, I wish I could declare a law that you MUST have a house cleaning person pop in to help you keep it pristine clean. A housekeeper is a blessing – and it’s motivation for you to put things away properly. You may already have someone helping you, like some of my clients do. If so, good for you!

AND, I’d enforce a law to pick up after yourself daily and at the very least every 3 days — definitely daily if there’s more than one person in the house — if you don’t want things to spin too far out of control.

When I read Melody’s blog, I just felt that she would get me and that she wouldn’t judge me and I KNEW someone with that much passion for organizing could definitely whip me into shape. My sessions with Melody were so easy. I can’t say enough good things about her, but be prepared to put in some work and meet her halfway. While I was sad to be ending my private coaching sessions with Melody, I was so grateful to have had her in my life! She taught me so much more than just de-cluttering and organizing.

Nancy Urena



Known for blending practical organizational strategies with lifestyle design coaching, Melody Granger delivers down-to earth, simple ways to BE more naturally productive, without having to try so hard. In interviews, trainings and media appearances, she’s no stranger to telling people that productivity has nothing to do with time. You can toss your clock!

Melody Granger is an Organizing Consultant, founder of The Well-Organized Entrepreneur™creator of the “Get More Done in ONE Week Than You Have ALL Month: JumpStarting Your Productivity… Immediately!™” 8 Day Intensive – her signature productivity program for entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their prioritization, focusing, and non-procrastination skills; and she’s the hostess of Closet LOVE™: Clear Your Closets, Energize Your Life” – a unique 6 week program that blends a motivational group program with a private VIP session, so you can live an easier and more clutter-free life now.

Melody has had the opportunity and pleasure of impacting the lives of thousands of ladies (and a few gents) during her career. Using her extensive organizing experience, natural skills, plus step-by-step guidance systems, her clients get well-organized in their homes, streamline their business systems and are enjoying the “seemingly magical” results – personally and professionally – without working so dang hard.

Overall Melody is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs create pleasant environments and streamlined systems that allow them to keep up with more ease, and stay inspired to do their best work, while realizing even more dreams through profitable entrepreneurship.

Often it’s not really the time, money, or energy that holds you back… may just need someone to HELLLPPP!!!

But, before we meet, you may have questions that I can get answered for you right now.