You got your clothes washed, and into the dryer because you needed something to wear the next day.

The next morning you reach into the dryer to find the clothes are still damp.

So you turn the dryer on while you do other things before you head out the door.

The time crunch is starting to happen, so you check the laundry again, and start tossing some pieces of clothing on top of the dryer (kinda nicely so they don’t wrinkle!)

You find what you need, and leave the rest of the laundry in the dryer.

After you’ve returned home from a long day you’re exhausted.

So, you do the bare necessities before you try to escape for just a few minutes to decompress and unwind.

You lay down and cover your head (oh wait, that’s me!) and feel the tension begin to release, and any stress starts to evaporate off of your body.

At some point, when you are nearly asleep, you feel normal again and think you have your second wind to finish some household things before bedtime. And, maybe have a bite to eat, if you haven’t eaten yet.

You start tidying up and doing the prep and chores that allows you to have a smoother day tomorrow. Things like clean the kitchen from dinner time. Gather dirty laundry. Tidy up desk.

You walk by that dryer and keep walking, but after some other “chores” are complete you kind of get a little inspired to go ahead and AT LEAST get the clothing on top of the dryer put away.

But, dang it, you don’t have any hangers nearby…

It’s a critical moment… WHAT DO YOU DO?

Keep walking by, or go get the hangers?

Moral of the storty, try to always have exactly what you need to complete a project (laundry!), like hangers on the ready by the dryer.

Go get the hangers.

You’ll be glad you did tomorrow.