There are so many fun phases in life where we get ideas about how we want to see ourselves living in the near future. And, when that happens it’s common to think about what you can change in your life right now to start the process of stepping into your future.

So, what are you feeling like you’d like to change in your life? Depending on your age, what’s next could be…

It could be you want to be more independent. Perhaps not relying on the parents.

Maybe you want to travel more.

Or you want to remodel, design new spaces, and spend more downtime doing things that are fun for you.

It could be you want to be more settled into your home, where it really feels like a home you’ll enjoy for a while.

Or perhaps, you’re ready to travel more now that your children are adults… or prepare for retirement, or downsize (or upsize!).

Maybe you want to start a business from home, or start a new career, or move across the world to work.

Whatever is happening in your life, and whatever ideas or dreams you have developing inside you, there’s a really simple way that you can start the process of stepping into “what’s next.”

Simply begin by letting go of what you wouldn’t take with you into that future phase

Everything we are can be seen and felt thru the eyes of our home environments. It’s energy, attitude, personality and image is reflective of your energy. So, if it’s your image, attitude or personality that you want to influence, you can let go of what’s “not you” anymore, and begin to bring in what is “So-YOU!”

When you look around your home environment or work environment, you may notice that there are things around you that aren’t part of what you see in your future.

This is totally normal. In fact, if it didn’t happen, you may be a one of a kind! Truly.

If you have items in your home that don’t match who you have become or want to become, then bless it and let it go.

For example, you can embrace a different lifestyle by letting go of items that don’t match your personality and style anymore – decorative items, clothing items, and kitchen items are commonly passed on as things that are a better fit for what you love now begin arriving in your home.

By letting go of what you no longer love, or what you no longer want to associate with, then you naturally begin creating your future – or stepping into it.

When you keep the things that you absolutely love and begin to shape your surroundings with items you genuinely and absolutely love, then you have begun walking into your future self.

Keep items that scream “THIS-IS-SO-ME!!!” And, let go of the items that you aren’t “feeling” anymore.

Stepping into your future is something you’ll always be doing, so when you’re ready for the next big change, start the transformation in your very own home.

I think it’s impossible to hang onto items that aren’t “you” anymore and simultaneously BE the newer, better version of you at the same time. I can see hanging onto to some things, but for the most part it’s the letting go that allows us to more effortlessly move thru to our next phase of life.

Melody Granger, Professional Organizer