You’ve got questions! Here are the answers.

Is your home always spotless?

Heck no, every single day there’s a mess. And sometimes it gets embarassingly messy. BUT…the messes are FAST to clean up because I have a daily tidying routine, and am diligent about making sure items have a home – but mostly the goal is that items are easy for me to get to and easy to put away. I toss all year long.

So tell me how this works…and does it work?  organizing by video??? 

It works! I’m like your personal trainer making you show up for your workout. When you have to meet someone for a specific reason, it heightens your ability to focus for longer periods of time. We both get on Skype or FaceTime for your private organizing sessions. Throughout our time together I’ll guide you through a process, but where I’m different is that we’ll take turns leading so you can work on what you feel like working on, and if you get stuck, I’ll guide you on exactly what to do to keep the momentum on your progress moving smoothly.  I’ll be right there to keep you going, helping you make decisions, giving feedback, cheering, and advising.

What type of containers do I need to purchase before we get started?  

I don’t recommend purchasing any containers! Why? Most people have plenty of containers already. Once we begin the process of cleaning out an area and consolidating what you want to keep, you’ll probably find you have lots of empty containers to work with. Once we know what items still need containers, then I’m happy to recommend containers that work well for that area.

What type of expense can I expect to invest for organizing containers?

If you don’t have the containers needed to finish your organizing project, or if you want to purchase new containers for your own enjoyment, then the investment can vary greatly.

Most of my clients already have the basics of what they’ll need and do not spend a lot of money on containers. And, some of my clients have so much fun with the transformation that they want to invest in fresh, new containers for several different areas of the home and office.

You could easily spend $100 to purchase basic organizational products for an office, and more if you need everything, like a file cabinet, shelving system, desk.

For closets, you could easily spend $100, too. But, you may not need a thing!

Expect to invest $0 – $100 – $500, depending on if you already have containers or if you want to splurge. Hope that helps! You can check out my Top 5 Containers Guide here.

How much stuff are you willing to deal with? Do you work with hoarders?

Messy situations happen, it’s life. But the majority of people aren’t true hoarders, they simply had a lot happening, and other important priorities to focus on, so things got mixed up or things started getting thrown in a temporary area so they could keep the rest of the home sane. Which is smart, and I’d recommend that in a heartbeat. Sure, you may question if you have a slight hoarding problem, but you’re ready to get rid of stuff.  There are different levels on the hoarding scale, but generally the type of hoarder most people refer to are the type that don’t get rid of stuff to the point where you can’t walk thru their homes. If a person wants to speak with me and let me see what kind of situation they are navigating thru, then I’m happy to meet with them by Skype video to chat. Send me a message (plus a few photos!) and we’ll go from there.

Melody Granger, Professional Organizer

I’m nervous and excited at the same time, just thinking about working with you! But, how do I know if I’m the type of person you work with?

Does any of the following sound like you? If so, you may be my next perfect client…

  •  If your home is mostly presentable when someone visits, then I’d probably walk in and say, “Your home looks GREAT! where is it at?” Then, you’d take me on the tour to see the “ugh” area(s). Smaller homes don’t provide as much storage space, so your “ugh” areas may be in sight.
  • If you have one or more catch-all storage areas, like a guest room, office, utility room, or closet/cabinets but it’s overflowing, full, cramped, messy, or maybe it’s just not functional (easy to use), then I’ll help you sort it out, clean it up, and organize it in a way that’s easier and more enjoyable to use.
  • If you have mixed up, piled up, stashed paper work you need sorted and organized into a system, then I can help you get thru the tedium process, faster than you’re probably doing alone!
  • If you own more than one piece of property – rental properties, vacation homes, guardian of or inherited home, business, jewelry, valuable art, vehicles, etc – then we can get all your important papers sorted and organized. If you have a home-based business and you’re ready to organize paperwork involved to run the business, then you’re in the right place.
  • If your closets need some TLC, then I can help you clean out and re-organize items so it’s nice looking & functional.

Do you work with children?

I don’t generally work directly with children. Most of my clients have adult children, a later in life child who is getting older, or they haven’t started their families yet. On the rare occasion I do work with someone who has children, they have a growing business and need to be professionally in order behind-the-scenes. The focus is on themselves and the business, not the child.

Side note: Soooo, if you have a child, then you are going to model to them how to clean out and organize things, by doing it for yourself with your own things. Talk out loud when you purge and organize, so they can understand how you come to your decisions. Your kids are going to LOVE the results in the home – they’ll see and feel the difference in you and in your home! Promise.

How much do you charge for professional organizing services?

My most popular organizing package is $1497. Private organizing services range from $497 to $2300. When I offer group programs, the entry fee is generally $197 to $497. I announce my most popular group programs on Social Media, to the ladies who participate in the Purging Party and to those who requested my Top 5 Container Download.

How long is your waiting list?

Right now, depending on the season, your sessions can begin within as little as 2 weeks and as far out as 6 weeks. Spots are reserved as soon as you say “yes!, Yes!, YES!” and I get you set up in my system.

Let’s chat so I can learn more about you and what you’d like help to accomplish in the next few weeks or months. Tell me about yourself here!