You’re putting your home on a stage for spectators. I’m here to help improve your odds of enticing them to purchase your home and beating the fierce competition. If your home is empty, then you’ll use the tips with an asterisk. Let’s stage it!

  1. Pre-pack seasonal decor.
  2. Pre-pack seasonal clothing.
  3. Remove personal photos – like family photos. (Yes,pre-pack!)
  4. Remove majority of artwork. (Yes, pre-pack!) Leave your best artwork in focal point of room. 
  5. *Clean off closet floors.
  6. Hide worn out/dirty shoes. Display your BEST shoes.
  7. Turn hangers the same direction.
  8. Remove unmatching hangers. Group like hangers together for stylishly professional look.
  9. Turn all your folds the same direction and towards my eye.
  10. Create breathing room in closets! Donate clothing, linen, games and creative supplies you no longer need or want.
  11. Clear off tables, counters, desks, and surfaces in general. Two to three items strategically placed for beauty or charm can be a lovely view.
  12. Declutter open shelving systems. 
  13. Remove little decor items from around large decor pieces on shelves.
  14. Tuck away electronics you don’t need out. Or recycle/donate them.
  15. Organize items neatly into drawers. Let your neat streak take over.
  16. Remove random items from around furniture – like, behind a recliner.
  17. *Raise curtains if they drag the floor – this will make room appear taller and more spacious.
  18. *Remove outdated and/or dusty curtains from windows. Leave clean blinds. No blinds? Clean windows well.
  19. Clear out corners to expand room. A plant or floor lamp doesn’t conceal a corner. Armoires can stay!
  20. Remove items from overfilled cabinets. If space isn’t convenient to use, then it’s too full.
  21. *Use a damp cloth to clean ALL countertops and shelves that your potential new owner may run their hands across. Dry it immediately with a dry cloth, so you have a streak free and smooth feel.
  22. *Oil hinges creaky hinges. Use WD40, vegetable or olive oil.
  23. *Pristine clean ALL floors. 
  24. Neatly organize and clean crumbs/spills in pantry.
  25. Declutter utility cabinet/closet. Do you really need all those cleaners?
  26. *Bleach dishwasher, using wash cycle, and bleach sinks, if stained.
  27. *Remove hard-water-stains in porcelain toilets, tubs, and sinks using a non-scratching cleaning stone.
  28. Remove extra pieces of furniture that cramp a smaller room.
  29. Clean out kitchen drawers and cabinets – excess dishes, pots & pans, flatware, cooking utensils, etc. Keep the best looking and favorites arranged to look and function GREAT.

*If your home is empty, adding plants at entry/patio/deck, plus placing nice piece of artwork at focal points of 2 major rooms of home can do wonders for sparking your potential home buyer’s imagination… 

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