Creating Calm, Happy, Productive Spaces.

Eliminating Clutter & Simplifying Spaces with Melody Granger

So you can think clearly while working from home.

Dedicated to the organizer in you.

And to the type of lady you most enjoy being.

Improving Your Productivity

According to studies done by happiness experts, your environment is one of the top 3 factors that affects your level of happiness – LOVE where you live, who you are around and spending time in your favorite neighborhoods, markets, and community (or travel destinations!). Research shows happy people are more productive! Start letting go of “stuff” and improving your environment for a natural boost in your productivity. And since you’re probably a spontaneous natured person (like me!), get into a highly flexible routine – that still has a core structure – to keep things neat, clean, serene and DONE.

You’ll start noticing that you are FINALLY knocking out things you’ve been procrastinating on or dreading, too! As you begin getting more done in LESS time, you’ll also start working smarter, not harder.

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Streamlining Your Office Systems

Paper clutter causes stress. Especially when your important things get mixed up with unimportant things. Grab your paper stashes from cabinets, counters and closets to get your office well organized. When you’re done tossing, organizing and arranging items to develop your “systems”, you’ll instantly discover how much easier it is to focus on tasks, plus it can be so much easier to improve your tolerance for making or saving money in your business or if you’re not in a business, your life (people need money to take good care of themselves!), as well as tackle your many to-do lists and confidently store the important stuff you must keep.

Tired of your important stuff getting lost in the unimportant piles of notes, mail, and random paper? Get streamlined! At the top of this page, go request The Top 5 Office Organizing Container Guide to be sent directly to you! You may discover your next perfect paper solution…


Organizing Your Closet

Oh the mess the closets can become! Just close the door. Or…clean those babies out. Toss, toss, toss.

Keeping your closets cleaned out helps you keep yourself and the rest of your home looking and feeling beautiful. Your environment (including every closet in your home) has the ability to help you feel more confident and energized on your busiest or laziest days. Plus, it’s super nice to have well organized closets where everything has a home every day of the week, including your sexiest shoes. (Pssst…a client told me that a great pair of shoes will take you places.) 😉

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